FreeBSD and UPS

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Mar 6 08:36:25 PST 2009

> I am working in Angola and have had a lot of problems with electricity // 
> until I have discovered this soft.
> It works perfectly with the apc network card (It came as an option on my APC 
> 1500).
> I have setup apcupsd to use snmp (this seems to be the most stable use).
> I was very surprised because the soft did shutdown the server automatically 
> when the UPS went out of battery? and I had not tested that (lack of time).
> So the soft even went beyond my expectations?

it is important too to make sure BIOS settings are set to automatically 
power up computer when power is present.

by default it will not until you press a button

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