SpamAssassin/Perl eating enormous amounts of memory?

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Thu Mar 5 19:51:26 PST 2009

>> On Mon, 02 Mar 2009 17:21:53 -0800, 
>> Andrew Moran <sneepre at> said:

A> Thank you for your suggestion.  I'll try compiling Perl and it's
A> dependencies without using PERL_MALLOC.

   I've had similar memory problems using Hyperestraier to index
   collections exceeding 1,000,000 documents.  The indexer would run
   without complaint under Solaris, but die periodically on FreeBSD with
   "out of memory" errors.  Since I had around 6 Gb of RAM, I was pretty
   sure memory wasn't the problem, so I recompiled using a version of
   Doug Lea's malloc and the problem went away.

   The most recent malloc sources are here:

   Here's a Makefile suitable for building and installing the library
   with GCC.  I'm sure the tabs have been mangled:

     CC    = gcc
     CPLUS = g++
     LIBS  = libmalloc.a libcppmalloc.a
     DEST  = /usr/local/lib
     INC   = /usr/local/include

     all: $(LIBS)

             rm -f $(LIBS) *.o

     cppmalloc.o: malloc.c
             $(CPLUS) -O -c -I. malloc.c -o cppmalloc.o

     install: $(LIBS)
             cp $(LIBS) $(DEST)
             cp -p malloc.h $(INC)
             ranlib $(DEST)/libcppmalloc.a
             ranlib $(DEST)/libmalloc.a

     libcppmalloc.a: cppmalloc.o
             rm -f libcppmalloc.a
             ar q libcppmalloc.a cppmalloc.o

     libmalloc.a: malloc.o
             rm -f libmalloc.a
             ar q libmalloc.a malloc.o

     malloc.o: malloc.c
             $(CC) -O -c -I. malloc.c

   To build something using configure and this library, change the configure
   commands to include these environment variables:

     LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib -lmalloc" CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include"

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