A problem about pkg_deinstall

Mel fbsd.questions at rachie.is-a-geek.net
Tue Mar 3 09:36:20 PST 2009

On Sunday 01 March 2009 05:28:05 Robert Huff wrote:
> Mel writes:
> >  Aside what Michael pointed out, ports-mgmt/pkg_cutleaves is much
> >  easier for this task. It will only delete leaves, so if b is
> >  still needed by X, it will not come up on the next iteration. And
> >  you get to see the short description of the package, so may
> >  decide to keep it anyway...
> 	I'd like to suggest a better solution is not auto-deleting in
> either direction.  Even if the code were perfect - of which there is
> no evidence - the people are not, Unless you're (generic "you")
> planning to wipe out something huge (e.g. X11, or Gnome/KDE) and
> know _exactly_ what you're doing ... it's like hanging a "Kick me!"
> sign around your neck.

pkg_cutleaves is interactive by default. Asks confirmation for each port, then 
only deletes at the end of the run. Unless you explicitedly tell it to be not 

Really should check it out. My only beef with it is that it writes "kept" 
packages as package names, rather then origin, so keeping autoconf-2.56 will 
result in all autoconf packages to be kept next run.

Problem with today's modular software: they start with the modules
    and never get to the software part.

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