OT: what is the X11 equiv of /dev/null

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Mon Mar 2 14:28:55 PST 2009

Modulok wrote:
>>> I was thinking is there someway to direct a X11 app to target the X11 equiv of /dev/null ?
> ...what? What problem are you trying to solve, exactly?
> -Modulok-

I'd have to assume he wants to call a remote X program from his terminal
and not have the program's output clutter it up.

My usual workaround is:

	1.  "xterm &" in Terminal one.
	2.  "appname &" in the new Xterm, then CTL-D.

I also have a couple of buttons in XFCE that simply call
"ssh $somehost $someapp".  I've no idea where it puts
the stderror/stdout, but I never see it.

Kevin Kinsey
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