Anyone know SunFire hardware

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at
Mon Mar 2 11:25:50 PST 2009

We have FreeBSD installed on a SunFire box running two AMD Opteron processors. 
I was upgrading to 7.1 STABLE on Friday, and after installing the kernel I 
rebooted.  Now the box is completely unusable.  Does anyone know how to get a 
SunFire box to boot from the CD ROM?  Any changes I make to the BIOS seem to be 
completely ignored.  When I get to the FreeBSD boot loader, I lose keyboard, so 
I can't even go to single user mode.  Not being able to boot off the CD is a 
royal pita.

I've done some Googling, and the most common answer seems to be "hit STOP+A", 
but there is no STOP key on an Intel keyboard.  Is there a magic incantation 
that will work?   Maybe the entrails of a young goat?

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