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Mon Mar 2 10:15:42 PST 2009

On Mon, Mar 02, 2009 at 09:36:39AM -0800, new_guy wrote:

> Hi,
> We normally use OpenBSD, but would like to try FreeBSD on a test system.
> Usually, when updating from one OpenBSD release to another, we do so by
> downloading the latest bsd.rd and booting from that to complete the install.
> Our machines have no optical drives. Does FreeBSD have a similar method to
> installation? 

Hmmm.   Having a CD drive makes it so easy.   It might be worthwhile
to run out and get an external one you can plug in.

Installs can also be done from a pair of floppies if you have
a floppy drive.   The floppy just has the boot and sysinstall 
stuff.   Everything else downloads over the net or can be loaded
on some other media such as tape or external disk and installed
from there.    

You can create almost any kind of media if you can make it bootable
and put stuff on it and boot from it and bring up sysinstall.  But,
I do not think you can put that on the slice you want to install to
and then do a complete install there.

Now, if you have FreeBSD running, you can upgrade it in place.  Update
and csup are all useful tools to learn for that.  But, an initial 
install wants to be on some media other than where it will be installed.
That is mostly because you build your disk filesystem as part of the


> Thanks!
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