bsd.rd for FreeBSD install

Ricardo Jesus ricardo.meb.jesus at
Mon Mar 2 09:47:42 PST 2009

new_guy wrote:
> Hi,
> We normally use OpenBSD, but would like to try FreeBSD on a test system.
> Usually, when updating from one OpenBSD release to another, we do so by
> downloading the latest bsd.rd and booting from that to complete the install.
> Our machines have no optical drives. Does FreeBSD have a similar method to
> installation? 
> Thanks!

As far as I know OpenBSD advises on binary upgrades so I'd say you're 
probably looking for freebsd-update as it provides binary updates. This 
utility is great for binary updates to both kernel and world.

Do take a look at FreeBSD's Handbook.

To update third party applications e.g. ports read this:

If you want to compile a custom kernel:

Update and upgrade methods are described here:

Have fun,
Ricardo Jesus.

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