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Polytropon freebsd at
Mon Mar 2 02:59:21 PST 2009

On Mon, 2 Mar 2009 02:43:01 -0800, Paige Thompson <erratic at> wrote:
> You're right, my source tree is incomplete:
> # pwd
> /usr/src/sys
> # cd sys
> sys: No such file or directory.
> #

I had a similar problem some years ago and couldn't find out what
the reason was - the magic of this mailing list didn't open up to
me that time yet. :-)

> Thank you that helps a lot actually, it probably has something to do
> with the source archives that I downloaded not being extracted
> properly.

This should be followed by an error message, either by ftp for
an incomplete archive or by tar for a defective (and also incomplete)

> I'm not a big fan of sysinstall, I prefer to work without
> it.

>From my experience, it's quite handy at install time. This usually
is the time when I get the sources from the CD. After that, I don't
use sysinstall anymore. FreeBSD brings excellent tools for the
system administration as well as for installing software. When
sources and ports tree are in place, I usually update them using
cvsup (old fashioned, I know). Then everything should be up to
date, ready for a "make" run in /usr/src.

> You know the whole thing seems like its setup to try and force me
> to use sysinstall.

In any case, you should get proper results without using sysinstall.
All the tools are there.

> Even the ftp client gives me a lot of flack about
> how I use mget (IE: mget ssys.* not being a valid way to just fetch
> all of the files) so of course i'm left to go through and fetch each
> of them individually :((
On Mon, 2 Mar 2009 02:44:27 -0800, Paige Thompson <erratic at> wrote:
> PS: it seems just straight up mget * works x.x
> k! satisfactory enough...

Don't forget to unset "prompt". :-)

But as I said, I prefer getting the sources from the CD (is much

> and for whatever reason, Im not having any luck with ncftp which I'm
> sure I could figure it out but I really don't think that I should have
> to install an additional FTP client just so I can fetch the kernel
> source ._. 

It's FreeBSD, you don't have to do such stupid things. :-) You
even don't need to install cvsup in order to update the sources,
FreeBSD brings its own csup today.

> it kind of negates the whole minimalist aspect of having
> multiple archive files in the first place.
> Am I right?

I'm not sure why the archive is split into multiple volumes...
maybe historical reasons?

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