ACPI issue on my Toshiba laptop

Michael A. Alestock michael.alestock at
Sun Mar 1 20:52:26 PST 2009

Hi all,

As you're already aware, there've been known issues with ACPI running on
some laptops.  For instance, mine is a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2051. 
When I first installed FreeBSD v6.3 I would get the following error...

*** ACPI-0370:  Error - No installed handler for fixed event  ***

>From here, I wouldn't be able to use my built-in LAN or Atheros 5212
wireless because of constant WATCHDOG: DEVICE TIMEOUT error messages. 
However, I later found out that by disabling the ACPI by placing two
lines in your /boot/device.hints or /boot/loader.conf files,


you would be able to use both the wireless and LAN without the ACPI
running.  This has been the case for me for a while, and everything was
going great until lastnight....

I went to go do my monthly source update.  While rebooting I couldn't
get back into FreeBSD.   I would get this dreadful message at the very
beginning of the scrolling boot up messages....

ioapic0:  Assuming intbase of 0
*panic: Bogus interrupt flags*

>From here I only had two options, either shut down or reboot, but would
get the same message no matter what.
In other words, FreeBSD won't let me fully boot up unless I have ACPI
"enabled" or select the boottime option to run with it enabled.  Booting
up would let me back into FreeBSD, but then I'd start getting the awful,
"Watchdog:  Device Timeout" messages, and my LAN and wireless
connections would be useless.

I'm assuming there was something added in the source update that altered
the ACPI again??

Does anyone know how to get around this??  It's driving me nuts! 
FreeBSD is basically useless if I can't use any Internet connection.  :(

Thank You in advance....

-Frustrated FreeBSD user.


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