libpthread not found

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Sun Mar 1 03:54:44 PST 2009

m.borsatino at wrote:
>> thanks ... but ... how?
>> now I don't get the first message; but the second tells me that a library
>> is missing, but it is present. anyway I' prepared a very simple
>> /etc/libmap.conf like this:
>> # /etc/libmap.conf
>> #
>> # candidate             mapping
>> #
>> 		/usr/compat/linux/lib/
> Change to:
>> but clearly this is not enough. should I restart the system or use a
>> program to make the change accepted?
> No need, it is picked up the next time the libmap.conf file is parsed.
> What is occurring is the java binary was built against, which is
> what you would find on a FreeBSD 6.x box.

>> amm ... when I change the 'candidate' something strange begins to happen:
>> bash doesn't work anymore, saying that it does not find the library. this
>> happens as soon as I do the change, showing what you've explained to me.

I am beginning to wonder if the problem isn't a little more involved. Did 
you upgrade the machine from FreeBSD 6.x to 7.x without rebuilding all your 
ports? With bash breaking it sounds like it was built for a 6.x box as well, 
which leads me to wonder how many other ports are the same way.

What you also might look into is installing the misc/compat6x port. However, 
in any event, we need to get down to the bottom of what happened to create 
the situation. The most obvious thing I can think of is an upgrade of the 
system from 6 to 7 without a corresponding rebuild or reinstall of all 


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