strange ee behaviour

Alexander Best alexbestms at
Tue Jun 30 23:36:33 UTC 2009

i'm running xorg-7.4.2 and x11-wm/awesome on HEAD (r195173). when i run ee in
the debugger and open another xterm the debugger says "Program exited
normally.". so it's not a program crash i guess.

Paul B. Mahol schrieb am 2009-07-01:
> On 6/30/09, Alexander Best <alexbestms at> wrote:
> > hi there,

> > i'm experiencing this strange `ee` behaviour lately. when i open
> > `ee` in an
> > xterm and open another xterm `ee` simply exits. if i try to enter
> > commands
> > which output to sdtout/stderr like `ls` on the xterm window ee was
> > running
> > on
> > the output is a mess.

> > i'm running r195173 (HEAD).

> Can't reproduce. Which X environment do you use?

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