WebInstaller (was: Re: ANNOUNCE: Custom GNOME-based FreeBSD iso released)

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Tue Jun 30 20:19:32 UTC 2009

On Tue, 30 Jun 2009 12:41:46 -0600, Tim Judd <tajudd at gmail.com> wrote:
> A 800x600 resolution is just too crowded when you try to make a system
> on it. 

It's no problem when you run the browser without title line, menu bar,
icon bar, other bars, and status line. You don't need to make all
the text in 100pt letters. :-)

> I think there's more 1024x768 resolutions than 800x600. 

Don't assume anything. Test for it.

> If
> 1024x768 doesn't work, we revert back to a console tty?  I have said
> nothing firm as in "it's this way or no way"..  I'm just trying to see
> reasonable defaults.

Default = use what's present - the easiest way in my opinion.

> And I didn't mention dillo because I don't use it or have ever seen
> it.  "lightweight" to me is lynx. 

Yes, complete agree.

> > A kind of "preview screenshot" would be good - you know, users judge
> > from first sight primarily. :-)
> >
> Nice point.  I'll have to think of a way to get this considered.  a
> JPG would be nice, up until the X fails to start.  :D

You know HTML? img src="some_image.jpg" alt="image of XFCE desktop"
longdesc="The XFCE desktop looks very nice, it has lots of icons,
and some windows are opened." :-)

> I need input here:
>   If said chosen WM is unsatisfactory to the user, how the heck can I
> offer a reconfiguration window?  sysinstall was built with a different
> mindset, so we can't easily use sysinstall.

Selection of window manager is usually done through user's .xinitrc.
In case of xdm used, .xsession (which can incorporate .xinitrc).
Doesn't work for KDE and Gnome because they bring their own
replacements for xdm, i. e. kdm and gdm; all of them involve
changes in /etc/ttys.

> > Yes, if you include WindowMaker and support for a Sun keyboard. :-)
> > No, honestly; as much as I think you are bringing a good idea into
> > life, I prefer to completely install systems myself. The chance
> > that anything that I do not need to be included is too high. Of
> > course, you are aware that you cannot cater all kinds of intentions
> > with only one solution, that's impossible. But as I said, that's
> > only my own, unimportant point of view.
> WindowMaker?  sure.  Sun keyboard?  no, absolutely not.  My way, or no way.  :D

I've got a 122 key IBM model M, too. How about that? :-)

> what do you mean by "completely install systems myself"  -- that's
> what you're doing.  You're installing a -RELEASE aren't you?  you're
> installing a software kit that will eventually be referred to a
> package once it's stored on your system...  Gets a big chunk out of
> the way.

Exactly. I usually go with the install CD for the base system, then
pkg_add -r for the applications. Compile only for mplayer (due to
options). Then some configuration work (usually done with samples
from previous systems), and then use. Install once, use then. I
know this makes me look like a very lazy guy. :-)

> Personally, and this is for the archives, when I setup a box.  I like
> it to be up quick. 

If I want this, I simply take an already installed system, use dump
and restore, and then do the changes that are neccessary, like
reconfiguring X and network settings. As I said, I'm lazy, and this
way is quite fast.

> install -RELEASE.  freebsd-update.  pkg_add -r
> <packages>. port{upgrade,master}.  Now you have a functioning install
> in less time than windows takes to install and update.  :D

Yes, that is true. And it will continue working much longer than
"Windows" will even exist.

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Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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