Using ctorrent or other program to seed a torrent

Kelly Jones kelly.terry.jones at
Tue Jun 30 15:56:31 UTC 2009

Thanks to everyone who helped. A couple of clarifications:

 % I'm not trying to share a file I downloaded. This is a file I
 created from scratch.

 % I don't want to seed for just 12 hours. I want to seed for days,
 maybe even weeks or months.

 % I don't necessarily want to run a tracker. I'm happy to use a
 public tracker like I just want to seed the file.

Is ctorrent the wrong program for this? Is there a better program to
seed torrents?

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new ideas and technology is unwise and ultimately futile.

On 6/28/09, Kelly Jones <kelly.terry.jones at> wrote:
> I know how to use ctorrent to create a torrent file, but how do I
> actually seed the resulting file so that others can get it, and how do
> I 'register' myself w/ a tracker so that others will know what IP
> address to connect to, etc?
> Can ctorrent seed torrents, or do I need another program for that?

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