eSATA and/or Firewire 800|400 card, cardbus or expresscard 54mm

Vincent Hoffman vince at
Tue Jun 30 14:47:51 UTC 2009

On 30/6/09 14:42, parv at wrote:
> In message <20090624121036.GA3661 at holstein.holy.cow> on -mobile
> list[0], I asked for suggestions for a firewire or eSATA card to be
> put in Thinkpad T61 PCMCIA or EtherExpress slot, while most likely
> running FreeBSD 7.
> After about 6 days getting no replies but still dwindling hard disk
> space, where should I ask the question again: -hardware, -firewire,
> -stable, here[1]?
The only one I have ever used was a cheapy one from deal extreme[0] This
actually worked fine (minimal testing other than formatting and some
file copies.) It was being picked up before the internal sata controller
and reordering the drives which was a pain. I cant be sure if you would
get one with the same chipset as me or anything though as its a noname
brand from somewhere in china.



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