ANNOUNCE: Custom GNOME-based FreeBSD iso released

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at
Tue Jun 30 14:24:39 UTC 2009

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Hey all,

Continuing the effort in producing custom FreeBSD builds, I am pleased
to announce a GNOME-based one.
This includes a complete GNOME 2.26.2 desktop and also the
gnome-power-tools and gnome-fifth-toe package collections.

*Important:* There appears to be a problem with the package INDEX on
the DVD that I have not been able to solve: Two packages are not
selected as dependencies, although they are actually needed:

* djbfft - Required for gnumeric
* libdvdcss - Required for gnome multimedia packages (and yes I
realize this package is probably in the 'grey area')

Please select these packages manually from the "All" menu in
Sysinstall's package selection screen. Failing to do so may cause
installation of other packages to fail.  Note this is a problem only
if you install packages using Sysinstall.  It is possible to install
packages using pkg_add while in the /cdrom/packages/All directory
without any problem.

I did attempt to correct these but could not find a solution that
would not cause other packages to fail (or even sysinstall to
segfault).  I am open to suggestions to anyone that can have a look.

Other than XFCE being replaced by GNOME, the two DVDs are otherwise
identical in packages.  The OpenOffice packages already present for
XFCE will also work with this build (both builds were run from the
same ports tree).

The main download page is:

As always, feedback is welcome.

Manolis Kiagias
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