OT: C syntax question

Charlie Kester corky1951 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 30 02:40:04 UTC 2009

On Mon 29 Jun 2009 at 19:20:04 PDT Charlie Kester wrote:
>On Mon 29 Jun 2009 at 19:12:10 PDT Charlie Kester wrote:
>>Of course, it doesn't hurt to specify the number of elements in
>>both dimensions.  But it would be a less general solution,  With
>>only the minor dimension specified, plate_shift can take pointers
>>to arrays of 20, 30, 40, 100 or 200 CONTINENT structures.  Any
>Oops.  That's not worded correctly.  It should be:
>... plate_shift can take a pointer to a multidimensional array of
>20,30,40, 100 or 200 CONTINENT structures.
>(Don't you hate it when your mistakes come back to haunt you in your

I should have quit while I was ahead.  If this was a programming
interview, I just flunked it.  :(

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