DHCP using ral

Brent Bloxam brentb at beanfield.com
Mon Jun 29 17:36:05 UTC 2009

Robert Hall wrote:
> "ifconfig ral0 inet netmask" assigns the
> specified values. Ping no longer tells me that there's no route to the
> host, but I'm getting about 95% packet loss. "netstat -r" now shows
> that link1 (ral0) is the gateway to I still don't have a
> usable connection.

Not especially helpful but I thought I'd throw this out there, Linksys 
routers by default define their DHCP range as -, so pick an address outside that space if you're trying to 
assign statically. You can often get away with setting the IP of the 
router (default of for Linksys) as your DNS, as many Linksys 
routers have a built in DNS proxy.

Are you sure you're getting a strong enough signal from the AP? Have you 
had success with this WiFi card accessing other APs? Do you have access 
to a different WiFi card you could try?

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