FreeBSD & FireWire

Samuel Martín Moro faust64 at
Mon Jun 29 13:10:40 UTC 2009

Hi all !

I'm trying to read from two firewire DV cameras.

calling fwcontrol without arguments shows me three elements.
except EUI64 field, every datas (node, ...) change when I plug in or out a

when I'm trying to read from my cameras' streams (using fwcontrol), I always
get the same stream, which is the one of the last camera I pluged in.

Reading the sources, I noticed you can specify your source in fwcontrol,
using option 'u'.
this option makes an strtol on the following argument, and uses it back to
open "/dev/fw%d.0"

so I looked my /dev, and all I got is fw0, fw0.0, fwmem0, fwmem-0.0
fw0 and wfmem0 are respectives links to fw0.0 and fwmem0.0

so, whatever i could ask, i'll always get the same source camera.

When there already is a plugged firewire device, I can plug in or out others
FW devices, without affecting my /dev.

How can I do to get all my FW devices associed to a file in /dev?

Thanks for your help.
Sorry for my english.

Samuel Martín Moro
{EPITECH.} tek3

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