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Sun Jun 28 20:33:18 UTC 2009

El domingo 28 de junio a las 20:25:51 CEST, Siyan Sabinov Hadzhiev escribió:
> Hello List ,
> I am new in this list , so if these is an old topic forgive me.I have 
> successfully installed FreeBSD 7.2 to IBM T43 Laptop.I am using wireless
> network with WPA key.My Laptop has Intel Pro Wireless 2200.I installed
> iwi driver and firmware successfully.
> I am successfully connecting to my home and ofis wireless networks with
> wpa supplicant.However every 4 or 5 minutes my connection gets down and
> i got "iwi0: firmware stuck in state 4 , resetting " and then "iwi0
> device timeout " errors.These drops my connection , after that it take
> 30 seconds to my connection come back up.Then after 5 minutes again same
> errors and these goes on.
> I search a little bit on Google however find nothing usefull.
> Is there anybody who faced with same problem?
> And is there any solutions or upgrades for that issue.

I have such wireless interface on a Dell Latitude D505, and I have
experienced that annoying problem many times.

Enable debug.iwi sysctl and tell us what messages you see in
/var/log/messages log file.

In my own laptop, I saw these messages before the disconnection:

XXXXX kernel: Beacon miss: XX >= YY

After that I increased bmissthreshold parameter of ifconfig in rc.conf,
and the problem went away.

Hope this helps, and sorry for my poor english.

Best regards
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