IPFW: Need some help

Anton anton at sng.by
Sun Jun 28 11:13:55 UTC 2009

   Hello all,

   I'm new to *nix and now, while configuring IPFW Firewall on FreeBSD
   After packet from my network is passed to natd demon - it is returning
   t   abnormal thin   under rule which state   network, and goes under rule which a
   I.e.: packet from, directed to comes to
   freebsd   Then, after to 86.57   that any packet is allowed by   packets are allowed by another rule: allo
   Need help in explaining in this problem, and how to alter the things


   Best regards,


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   via ICQ 363780596

   via Skype dobryak47

   via phone +375 29 3320987


   1. 3D"mailto:anton at sng.by"

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