IBM T43 - iwi0 firmware stuck issue

Siyan Hadzhiev siyan.hadzhiev at
Sat Jun 27 19:53:43 UTC 2009

Hello List ,

I am new in this list , so if these is an old topic forgive me.I have 
successfully installed FreeBSD 7.2 to IBM T43 Laptop.I am using wireless 
network with WPA key.My Laptop has Intel Pro Wireless 2200.I installed 
iwi driver and firmware successfully.

I am successfully connecting to my home and ofis wireless networks with 
wpa supplicant.However every 4 or 5 minutes my connection gets down and i 
got "iwi0: firmware stuck in state 4 , resetting " and then "iwi0 device 
timeout " errors.These drops my connection , after that it take 30 seconds 
to my connection come back up.Then after 5 minutes again same errors and 
these goes on.

I search a little bit on Google however find nothing usefull.

Is there anybody who faced with same problem?
And is there any solutions or upgrades for that issue.

Best Regards

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