PPPoE trouble handshaking

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass9573 at gmx.com
Sat Jun 27 13:51:36 UTC 2009

budsz wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 9:03 PM, Nikos Vassiliadis<nvass9573 at gmx.com> wrote:
>> budsz wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Nikos Vassiliadis<nvass9573 at gmx.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> budsz wrote:
>>>>> I got problem with FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE as router. I use TPLINK modem as
>>>>> bridging to my box.
>>>> Could you run "tcpdump -ni rl1" while trying and post
>>>> it to the list?
>>> If problem appear, I will do it. This problem not regularly, I got the
>>> same problem 2 week ago and today. I don't know what happen exactly,
>>> but I can dialing again after 3 hours.
>> So, your configuration works, but at times it gets disconnected.
>> And when that disconnection happens, it fails to re-connect. That
>> means that if you pull the modem's power plug, you'll be able to
>> establish a connection after some time and not immediately, right?
>> 1) You should also "enable echo" along with "enable lqr".
>> When you pull the FreeBSD's ethernet plug does it work?
>> 2) You should watch the logs and wait for it to disconnect, plug
>> the ethernet in and wait to re-connect on its own.
>> 3) Then you should try the same with the DSL line, pull the plug
>> from the modem and it should behave the same way, that is
>> disconnect and re-connect on its own.
>> Do these three steps and if everything works, wait for the
>> random disconnection to happen. It should behave the same way.
>> tcpdump is your friend while trying the above.
> OK, dud. Right now I got some problem here output tcpdump -ni rl1:
> 20:14:58.764661 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x009043C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:14:58.864426 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x009043C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:00.799157 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:00.799165 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:04.014864 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:04.031335 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:05.905186 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0xC05C5CC2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:05.905193 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0xC05C5CC2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:08.964978 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0xC05C5CC2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:09.064289 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0xC05C5CC2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:11.011223 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x008922C2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:11.011231 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x008922C2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:14.164175 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x008922C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:14.181137 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x008922C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:16.117251 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0xC0595CC2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:16.117259 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0xC0595CC2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:19.248075 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0xC0595CC2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:19.264056 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0xC0595CC2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:22.367294 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x007D22C2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:22.367302 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:22.367311 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:25.464788 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x007D22C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:25.480781 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:25.497286 PPPoE PADO [Host-Uniq 0x408612C2] [AC-Name
> "BRAS-D3-BDG-8Y224150703147"] [Service-Name]
> 20:15:27.473336 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0x805B5CC2] [Service-Name]

Does this goes on for 3 hours?
I see nothing strange above, except that it goes no further
than the PADI/PADO sequence.

Do you have any firewall rules?

I would suggest asking your ISP about this strange phenomenon.


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