Adding data to existing CD/DVD

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Fri Jun 26 20:40:49 UTC 2009

Carmel NY <carmel_ny at> writes:

> I have tried both xfburn and cdrecord; however, I cannot figure out how
> to add data to an existing CD, or create a CD that I can later add data
> to. It seems that once the CD is written to, this disc is closed. I
> have seen a few options that allow writing to the disk multiple times;
> however, they are then only viewable on a FreeBSD system. I need to
> create discs that are viewable on multiple OS's and that I can add data
> to after the initial burn. Using mkisofs creates an ISO that makes
> adding data to impossible as far as I can tell.

You need to *not* fixate the disk, and on subsequent sessions you need
to tell mkisofs where to start the new image.  The burning command also
needs to know that it's a multi-session disk.  See the "-C" option for
mkisofs, and the "-multi" option for cdrecord.

My crib sheet for burning disks provides an example:

# first session
TZ=UTC-5 mkisofs -R $filenames |cdrecord -v driveropts=burnfree -multi
-data -tao -

#other sessions
OFST=`cdrecord -msinfo`
echo $OFST
TZ=UTC-5 mkisofs -M $dv -C $OFST -R $filenames |cdrecord -v
driveropts=burnfree -tao -multi -data -eject -

> On windows, it is easily done. I just cannot get a handle on how to do
> it on FreeBSD. Maybe I need a different program?

Certainly the sysutils/k3b port makes it much simpler.  But the command
line is quite easy too, now that I have a working script written down.

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area

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