Which latex should I install

af300wsm at gmail.com af300wsm at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 04:01:51 UTC 2009


Just today I found the marvel of LaTeX while looking over a quick how-to  
for LaTeX. I was using a Linux system at work and would like to install it  
on my FreeBSD system at home since I've been looking for something like  
this for exchanging math questions I have with a friend who's helping me  
understand mathematics as I pursue my degree. LaTeX is just what I've been  
looking for. However, when I went to find the port by doing "make search  
name=latex" I was returned so many hits, frankly, I'm overwhelmed. What do  
I need to install from ports to get the LaTeX "language" on my system, show  
the markup using the native DVI and more importantly, write pdf file from  
the markup? The tutorial I was going off of was using something called  
pdftex I think, but not sure. I sent myself a link to the tutorial so I  
wouldn't have to remember. Oh, it should be obvious, but what do I need to  
make sure of so that I've got all of the math rendering capability at my  

There's just so much there. Obviously, LaTeX is much more than I thought it  
was. I'm looking forward to understanding it more.


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