xfburn fails with 'Undefined symbol "__malloc_lock"'

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at mailing.thruhere.net
Fri Jun 26 03:55:15 UTC 2009

On Thursday 25 June 2009 14:55:37 Markus Hoenicka wrote:

> I've upgraded my laptop from 6.4 to 7.2-RELEASE. Essentially
> everything went fine, except that for some reason xfburn no longer
> works. If I install a package using "portupgrade -f -PP"

-PP will fail if for some reason the package is not available on the servers. 
It is better to use -P when crossing major releases, so that any restricted 
packages that are unavailable on the buildservers are built from source.
I suspect this is the root of the problem, though they look to be available:
$ curl --silent --list-only \
	grep -E '(lib|xf)burn'

Without a log it's hard to tell what went wrong. Perhaps portupgrade found the 
package locally in $PACKAGES (/usr/ports/packages by default) and decided not 
to download it.


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