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> big brother is watching me.

Yes, Dr. Schäuble does so. :-)

> An xterm just came up with this message:
> "The default editor in FreeBSD is vi, which is efficient to use 
> when you have learned it, but somewhat user-unfriendly.  To use 
> ee (an easier but less powerful editor) instead, set the 
> environment variable EDITOR to /usr/bin/ee"
> Isn't this the best reasoning why it should stay as it is?

The ee editor isn't that bad. Especially ^K and ^L are more
easy to use than vi's edit buffer equivalent.

While there's ed and ex in /rescue, ee isn't.

	% which ee | xargs ldd
	/usr/bin/ee: => /lib/ (0x28088000) => /lib/ (0x280c6000)

Relies on ncurses, but so does dialog / sysinstall...

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