The question of moving vi to /bin

Erich Dollansky erich at
Thu Jun 25 07:29:02 UTC 2009


On 25 June 2009 pm 13:03:01 Manish Jain wrote:
> > If you want to make a case for replacing ed(1), you're going
> > to have to come up with some concrete reasons for doing so,
> > not just make a (long and hyperbolic) statement that you
> > don't like it.
> requirements of being interactive. That's one reason. Secondly,
> how many times does an average commandline user even think of
> using ed when he needs to edit a file, even in the extreme case
> where there are no alternatives ?
isn't there ee in the base system?

> Till the improvements are in place, we need the alternative of
> having vi under /bin rather than /usr/bin.
I do not see any reason to have a monster like vi there.

> Actually, it surprises me to what extent the core of the
> FreeBSD community is enamoured with this idea of a
> micro-minimalistic base, in which it is practically impossible
> to do anything except run fsck. Matters don't stop there.
> Seeing the limitations of this approach, the community churns
> up wierd workarounds like /rescue/vi, when all that was needed
> was shift vi from /usr. You talk about the need for compliance

Only people who want to use vi do this. The rest is happy with ee.

> But I guess my words are of no use when the people who matter
> just won't listen. So I give any hopes in this regard.

I hope that they do not listen.

It would be even better to have an editor like joe in /bin than 
anything like vi.


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