cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-mfdpic"

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at
Thu Jun 25 06:03:39 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 24 June 2009 18:09:36 Jin Guojun wrote:
> This option "-mfdpic" is shown in manual page for gcc 4.1 or later
>        -mfdpic
>            Select the FDPIC ABI, that uses function descriptors to
> represent pointers to functions.  Without any PIC/PIE-related options, it
> implies -fPIE.  With -fpic or -fpie, it assumes GOT entries and small data
> are within a 12-bit range from the GOT base address; with -fPIC or -fPIE,
> GOT offsets are computed with 32 bits. With a
>            bfin-elf target, this option implies -msim.

This applies to FRV options, which is a specific processor, so it's not 
available for your architecture.

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