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Wed Jun 24 23:34:51 UTC 2009

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> ??? Who is giving them that credit?  This isn't new.  You already have
> some control over swapping via several oids:
> vm.swap_enabled
> vm.disable_swapspace_pageouts
> vm.defer_swapspace_pageouts
> vm.swap_idle_enabled
> vm.swap_idle_threshold1
> vm.swap_idle_threshold2
> etc.
> See, for example, tuning(7).  These have been around for ages (well,
> at least since June 1996).  You can also build your kernel with:
> options NO_SWAPPING
> which takes precedence over these settings.  That option has been
> around even longer. Linux has corresponding features, although they
> didn't always work well on older kernels.

It looks like the best explanation of NO_SWAPPING is

I found it after attempting to trim a powerpc kernel to see just how
much I could leave out - it looks like it's not possible to leave out
support for swapping.

Bruce Cran

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