Thanks [upgrading installed ports: time to do it ?]

dan meslists at
Tue Jun 23 14:10:14 UTC 2009

Hello !

Thanks alll of you for taking time to answer my mail. I really appreciate it.

I have (well...the system has) succesfully done the upgrade.

I used both pkg_updating and portupdate-scan to scan UPDATING [pkg_updating 
did not show an entry suggesting to update python to version 2.6 (which 
Portupdate-scan did)].
AS UPDATING suggests, I made the switch from python 2.5 to python 2.6 (using 
Then I did a "mass" upgrade... portupgrade -ab --batch ... It took 6h30 
upgrading 40 ports (not many ports because I installed this system only few 
months ago). [Now I should find where the backup packages have been sent]

Thanks again and see you here !


p.s. Robert I meant to say if you prefer to upgrade just a selection of the 
ports or all of the ports together ;-)

On Tuesday 23 June 2009 00:34:59 Charlie Kester wrote:
> On Mon 22 Jun 2009 at 13:48:02 PDT RW wrote:
> >On Mon, 22 Jun 2009 20:58:41 +0100
> >
> >Chris Whitehouse <cwhiteh at> wrote:
> >> I'll probably get flamed for this but since I've been using
> >> ports-mgmt/portmanager I've almost forgotten
> >> about /usr/ports/UPDATING and all that pkgdb -Fu stuff or whatever it
> >> was. I've upgraded ports just by doing 'portmanager -u' over one or
> >> two quite major changes and not had any problems that haven't been
> >> down to an individual ports.
> >
> >You still need to read UPDATING, portmanager handles some of the issues
> >automatically, but not all.
> that durned human element again!
> would be nice if a port upgrade tool did that for you, displayed any
> entries related to ports that need updating, and gave you a chance to
> postpone the update until you've taken whatever actions UPDATING
> suggests
> would require UPDATING to be written in a consistent, machine-readable
> format
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