No sound, no mouse and now X applications won't start

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>> Looks like nobody at freebsd-questions has any answers for me. Maybe
>> 7.2-x86 doesn't like newish amd hardware.
> post the output of: pciconf -lv as well as dmesg. Also your rc.conf and
> PolicyKit.conf files might be useful.
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I have solved most of the problems listed in my previous message with 
help from Roland Smith.

The fact still remains that FreeBSD-7.2 has some definite problems on 
AMD hardware :

1) On multi-core systems, the cores don't get initialized properly and 
you get messages like : "AP #1 (PHY# 1) failed !" followed by panic. The 
solution is to reboot, maybe as many as 6-7 times.

2) The uhub/ums module fails to load and /dev/ums0 consequently won't 
get created. The workaround is to unplug your USB mouse just before the 
boot process begins, and plug it back in once you get the console.

I have googled for the above 2 problems and there seem to many folks 
suffering from the ills, with no solution except the ones I have listed 
above. And these problems almost always occur on AMD multi-core systems.

I hope the next release will address these problems, as well as a pretty 
reasonable request from me much earlier to move vi from /usr/bin to 
/bin. Even in single-user mode, you almost always need an editor.

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