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Al Plant noc at
Tue Jun 23 05:08:41 UTC 2009

Aloha Gurus,

I run FreeBSD servers and desktops and now I have an HP Mini 1000 
netbook with Ubuntu OS. I know some of you have worked with Linux.
There are little or no manuals or on HP site instructions. I even called 
  HP support and I knew more than they did. Gary Klein on our FreeBSD list
gave me some pointers and I have setup the /etc/network/interfaces :

The manual connection works OK for my ATM circuit wired network, now I 
want to set a second network config for my LAN wireless.
Any body on Luau had experience with a wired network link. I want to set 
it up manually so I don't lose the wired settings for when I am on the 
ATM circuit. Using the helper apps on the Netbook is not an option as it 
doesnt seem to play nice with more than one config.
I am trying to set up the wireless so I can use either it or the wired 
link, obviously not both. With out losing either configuration.

Also I want to know if it can be setup to work in a Starbucks 
configuration with DHCP again with out losing the existing configs.

Note: Using the autoconfig helper destroys everything existing if you 
use it. I am used to command like setups for networks not the GUI point 
and click.

Any help appreciated.


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