you're not going to believe this.

Gary Kline kline at
Mon Jun 22 23:07:38 UTC 2009

	you guys aren't going to believe what i just found on the web for
	the ASUS Eee-901 [or is it the "900"].  it was for the 9- and
	10-inch screens.  i was using konq which just segv'd so i am
	taking a break and thought i'd share this.

	last night, i could barely believe the ten-inch with a 40GB SSD.
	these mini-notebooks take two memory chips. they just plug in.
	i was googling around and found they have 32's and even 128's.
	so you can get 64 or up to 256Gigs of solid state disk ...
	not in a year or two (or five or six), but now.

	i'll double and triple check to make sure this isn't a sham, but
	they had a thing on you-tube...  Oh, and next time i see the
	speech therapist, i'll lug my hugmongous thinkpad and demo what
	i've done with my scripts and flite....  

	8 kilobux for a Doze speech dev my butt. with berkeley unix and
	open source tools, you can have it for a few hundred bux.


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