cups no origin problem SOLVED :)

kenneth hatteland kenneth.hatteland at
Mon Jun 22 22:08:28 UTC 2009

None of Antons solutions worked. I read the UPDATING file and didn`t get 
any smarter.
After plodding through several older discussions on similar subjects I 
found this command given by Paul Chvostek may 2008 on the : 

make all install clean FORCE_PKG_REGISTER=1

I executed it in the cups-base path in ports and voila....the shite 
reinstalled nicely.  Portmaster -a then performed as usual on the other 
Can`t say I totally understand what I did....but hey

I am learning something BSD everyday and sometimes even grasp the 
concept of it. o`joy of FreeBSD

Thanx for all interest and help Anton Stherenlikht and Leslie Jensen

by the way Anton my platform is FreeBSD 7.2 stable and this machine is 
an ageing hp pavilion laptop.....

Blessede be,

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