problem upgrading ports : something wrong with cups ?

kenneth hatteland kenneth.hatteland at
Mon Jun 22 07:04:56 UTC 2009

Whenever I run portmaster -a it fails with several ports : The message I 
get is that someway cups interferes and the here it is : pkg_info: 
package cups-base-1.3.10_2 has no origin recorded

If I use portmaster on single ports those who do not have any printing 
ability ( no cups dependancy I guess ? ) will function as expected, but 
not scribus etc.

If I try to delete, reinstall or install cups I get the same message 
quickly and the process is halted with error code 1 as usual..

Is there anyone who can see what I have done wrong on the system ?
I have thought of manually removing the cups files in var in hope to be 
able to reinstall but I do not know what I am doing so it would be a 
shot in the dark.....

I will provide system output if needed.

Blessed be
Kenneth Hatteland

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