off topic: unmanageable switch?

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass9573 at
Mon Jun 22 06:48:11 UTC 2009

David N wrote:
> 2009/6/20 Nikos Vassiliadis <nvass9573 at>:
>> Jerry B. Altzman wrote:
>>> Do you require Gigabit ethernet or no?
>> That, I don't know yet... but given that they want to build
>> a solid infrastructure that will be worth of using for the
>> years to come, most probably yes.
>> Environmental conditions will be normal, everything will be
>> indoor. And I *think* the power levels will be normal as well
>> (Wojciech mentioned that D-Links have been sensitive to power
>> spikes).
>> I have found that D-Link are quite cheap and somebody on the
>> list suggested them. In that price range TP-LINK is also a
>> choice. Anybody advises against TP-LINK?
>> Thanks a bunch for your answers, Nikos
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> We've deployed a few DLink and Linksys unmanaged switches and are
> working fine. The only issue with the DLink ones are the external
> power supply (4-8 port desktop switches), they are pretty flakey,
> usually need a replacement within a few months of operations, but
> after buying a replacement from the radio shack/dick smith/jay car...,
> they're usually fine.
> Linksys switches have a limited lifetime warranty (whatever that
> means) on the gigabit 24 port switches.
> DLink have about 3 to 5 years depending.
> TP Link and Repotec I'm unsure of, the website doesn't list anything
> and neither does my supplier. My guess would be 1 year.
> The TP Link ones are pretty much no frills, I have a 8 port 10/100 and
> can max it out without and problems.

Thanks David, the warranty factor was not on my table until
you mentioned it.


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