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Sun Jun 21 19:33:16 UTC 2009

2009/6/20 Jeff Molofee <nehe at>:
> Just wondering what changed with the sound on BSD? My system way back in the
> 4.x days sounded not too bad... good bass, etc.
> After dropping my audio cards for on board audio (intel hda) I noticed the
> sound was really BAD... tin can, bad separation, no bass at all.
> Some time this past week, my audio went from sounding like crap to
> absolutely phenomenal!!! My sub works again, audio is coming out of the
> center channel, left and right speakers are not putting out ALL of the
> sound.
> Is it just me? Did I miss a notice about upgrades to the sound drivers?
> Whatever it is... AMAZING!!!

Agreed, 3db greater modulation, better granularity,
useable eq . . .
Are you running -CURRENT, then?
(I don't have a clue if this was MFC'd to -STABLE)
Also, thank you, ariff@!


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