backdoor threat

prad prad at
Fri Jun 19 18:12:36 UTC 2009

i just received this 'threat' from someone on a forum:

"+1.2507437628 <-- And....,yes of course this is a fax, but I could
write and execute a script that would have some real fun with it..
Don't you think. Especially from a BSD server ;)

You missed a small back door, if you're nice I'll help you close it. ;)"

i am very curious as to what script this person can write to have fun
with a fax number. what are they going to do - send me junk faxes
instead of junk emails?

however, i'm very curious about the back door. what backdoors are there
on what is pretty well a freebsd server default setup? i have disabled
password access. there are some php forms, but i use the proper way to
set variables. are there other things i should be thinking about?

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