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Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz at
Fri Jun 19 14:10:45 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 06:22, Nikos Vassiliadis <nvass9573 at> wrote:
> My list of priorities, with 1 being the most important.
> 1. Price
> 2. Stability
> 3. No "smart" features
>        OK, this looks like a .1Q frame, let's drop it.
>        This MAC address is active on many ports, let's drop it.
> 4. STP support
>        Would be nice, just to prevent cabling errors.
>        There is not gonna be deliberate use of duplicate
>        links between the switches to increase availability.

Do you require Gigabit ethernet or no?

I've had very good experience with Netgear 24-port and 16-port rack mount
switches (not the desktop consumer models -- although they too have worked
well for me). They have somewhat more robust power supplies than the
standard wall-attach transformers, and the FastEthernet models can be had
for VERY cheap. (I bought a 24-port model a few years back for just about
USD 100.)

I've had Netgear switches run without a problem for *years*.

Their managed switches, on the other hand, are a nightmare, and I wouldn't
use them again if I had the choice.


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