Now pkg-config trouble.................Re: startx does not work, startxfce4 does!

Tim Judd tajudd at
Fri Jun 19 05:03:49 UTC 2009


The given port dirs (x11/xorg, etc) still probably have their work
directory, which have the tokens/markers that particular stages of the
port build have been done, such as the installation.

rm -rf /usr/ports/*/*/work
cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg
make install

Please try that.  First removes the work dir that contains the tokens,
second updates root's available application hash, third and forth
rebuild xorg

Since xorg is so large, and receives very few (in relation to the
total number of packages) updates, a quick-n-dirty way to get running
is to add the package, and then update the outdated ones.

pkg_add -r xorg
portmaster -a

I follow this same pattern on all BIG ports..  gnome2, kde3/4, xorg,
and then let the portmaster update the old outdated ports that got
installed.  There is no functional difference between a package
installed and a port installed with no options/config tweaked.

Please try this.  Write to us if you keep having problems

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