Compact Freebsd 'appliance'

Tim Judd tajudd at
Thu Jun 18 20:14:20 UTC 2009

What kind of application?  This is so we can gear a hardware that is
powerful enough to power your application.

Naming the application and/or website would be a good addition.

On 6/18/09, John Almberg <jalmberg at> wrote:
> I have a client who has an application that he wants to deploy in his
> customer's offices as a headless 'appliance'. Basically, just a black
> box that you can plug into a Lan, turn it on, and it runs. No floppy
> disk or CD, no monitor/keyboard, just remotely managed.
> This application won't store any critical data, so it doesn't need
> redundancy. It just needs to be reasonably reliable, compact, and quiet.
> My first recommendation was to use a Mac Mini, but that excellent bit
> of hardware was deemed 'not professional enough'. So now I am looking
> for a compact pc that can run FreeBSD, of course. I think it probably
> just needs a power supply, tiny motherboard with onboard ethernet,
> usb, etc., and hard drive.
> If anyone has a recommendation (or if their are any vendors lurking),
> please shoot me an email off list. I'll compile a list of
> recommendations and post it all at once, in case anyone else is
> interested in this.
> Thanks: John -- jalmberg at identry dot com
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