PXEBOOT based upgrade/install

Tim Judd tajudd at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 19:15:38 UTC 2009

If you're going to setup a netbooting server (congrats!), why are you
trying to limit yourself to what seems to be the bootonly CD?

There are some people who complain about broadcom cards, in the fact
that they're buggy support/nonexistant support.  Maybe your NIC
chipset is one of those.

The loader.rc is told to mount a memory filesystem from ufs formatted
disk located at /dev/md0c (a memory disk that is populated from the
previous line, a file-based filesystem).

So your system wouldn't be able to hit sysinstall or the /etc files
(as I'm seeing the boot process) to do the install or configuration.

Overall, what's to stop you from doing a diskless boot?  the handbook
makes it for a multi-PC setup, but for a single setup, it's quite

On 6/18/09, Bruce Ferrell <bferrell at baywinds.org> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm new in these parts, but not new to *nix.  I'm trying to upgrade a
> system with FreeBSD 5.4 to 7.2.
> I've gotten the pxeboot to work, but somehow the network interface isn't
> seen by the installer.
> loader.rc:
> ===========
> include /boot/loader.4th
> include /boot/beastie.4th
> \ Reads and processes loader.conf variables
> start
> load /boot/kernel/kernel
> load -t mfs_root /boot/mfsroot
> set vfs.root.mountfrom="ufs:/dev/md0c"
> boot
> loader.conf:
> ============
> mfsroot_load="YES"
> mfsroot_type="mfs_root"
> mfsroot_name="/boot/mfsroot"
> if_bge_load="yes"
> I added the if_bge line at that seems to be the module used on 5.4.
> Any other leads?
> Thanks in advance
> Bruce
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