Automated Production of Web Pages

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Jun 18 12:02:11 UTC 2009

> I have been asked to come up with an automated way of producing
> web pages. Specifically, this is for mrtg but it really doesn't
> matter. The idea is that there are many pages which are
> identical except for different names and a couple of other items
> such as whether the page represents a system that is actively
> being polled or was being polled at one time but is now here for
> archival purposes, that sort of thing.

sed is great for your needs.

If not enough - simply write bash script. HTML is purely text format, so 
generating it with unix tools is simple.

> 	Is there any open-source platform which makes this
> especially quick and easy? Of course, as one who likes to script

Yes. all standard unix tools. bash, sed, perl, awk, 100th of others.

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