counting pages sent to postscript printer via samba and lpd

DA Forsyth d.forsyth at
Thu Jun 18 08:04:44 UTC 2009

Hiya all.

I'm busy reading the manual on this, but am wondering if anyone has 
tips and howtos available.....

I took delivery of our new color laser printer, a CP1515n, HP 
networked color laser.  since this thing is not exactly cheap to run 
I want to count pages per user, and since I have failed miserably to 
get this right when using PCL drivers, I'm thinking I can do it with 
Postscript drivers..... but first, the system....

Our Samba server hosts all printers (from a user perspective), and 
feeds the data directly to the print servers (FreeBSD minial install) 
for some printers, or directly to the printer for the other directly 
networked HP laser printer (PCL6).  This works fine, in fact very 
well, and a log of jobs per person is available (each person being an 
authorized samba user).

I have just installed the PS drivers on my XP PC and printed to the 
printer via the samba server with a simple printcap setup...

cp1515|CP1515n Color Laserjet:\

That means I have a record of *jobs* in the stat-cp1515 file, but 
what I need is a page count for each job.


(PS: I tried to set up LPng some time ago and somehow completely 
failed to get it to work and ended up just uninstalling it.  I'd 
really like to stay with stock lpd)

       DA Fo rsyth            Network Supervisor
Principal Technical Officer -- Institute for Water Research

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