Announcing: FreeBSD Custom XFCE ISO (take II)

Randall Wood rswood at
Wed Jun 17 20:21:50 UTC 2009

> First I want to say thank you. This is very welcome for my older slow
> laptop.

I'll second the thanks.  Believe it or not I've got a great laptop still up 
and running: a PIII running an earlier version of SuSE Linux (PIII, 128M RAM, 
555Mhz processor).  When I bought it in 2000 it was the state of the art.  
Now I find the internet forums choked with people complaining about 
their "old" Pentium Ms and IVs and similar.  Most people have no idea a 9 
year old laptop can do everything you want it to do.  I'll give the XFCE ISO 
a spin, since modern KDE or Gnome set ups tend to sink it.  

Thanks for the hard work!

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