OpenSSL Base vs. OpenSSL Port?

b. f. bf1783 at
Wed Jun 17 08:39:40 UTC 2009

On 6/17/09, b. f. <bf1783 at> wrote:
> On 6/17/09, b. f. <bf1783 at> wrote:
>> Put WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=yes in your build environment -- /etc/make.conf is
>> a
>> good
>> way -- and then rebuild all ports that depend on openssl.  There are
>> many different
>> ways to do this -- you could use:
>> pkgdb -L && portupgrade -fur openssl-*
>> (The first command may not be necessary, but I find that the
>> dependencies of some
>> ports on openssl are sometimes missing from the pkgdb, and need to be
>> added.)
>> or
>> portmaster -t -r openssl-*
> I should mention that if you are switching from using the base openssl to
> using
> the openssl from the port, and you intend to use portupgrade, then you
> will definitely
> need to to run pkgdb -L && pkgdb -F before running portupgrade,
> because otherwise
> no ports will be listed as being dependent upon the openssl port.
> I'm not sure if portmaster will do this properly, as it uses the
> existing /var/db/pkg in
> many cases, which will not contain the correct dependency information.
> You may need to
> get a list of ports that USE_OPENSSL, and then update those ports and
> the ports that
> depend upon them.  For example, you could first install the openssl
> port, and then use:
> pkg_info -aoq | xargs -I % make -C /usr/ports/% -V USE_OPENSSL -V
> PKGNAME | sed -n '/[yY][eE][sS]/{n;p;}' | xargs portmaster -t -r
> or something like that.
> b.

Argh. Sorry about the last (non-)message.  I meant to say:

Or rather, since (portmaster -r only accepts a single port as an
argument -- _sigh_ ) :

pkg_info -aoq | xargs -I % make -C /usr/ports/% -V USE_OPENSSL -V
PKGNAME | sed -n '/[yY][eE][sS]/{n;p;}' | xargs portmaster -f

which is thorough, but overkill. I'd stick with portupgrade or manual
'make deinstall clean install && make clean' for this task.


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