OpenSSL Base vs. OpenSSL Port?

b. f. bf1783 at
Wed Jun 17 08:01:22 UTC 2009

On 6/17/09, b. f. <bf1783 at> wrote:

> Put WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=yes in your build environment -- /etc/make.conf is a
> good
> way -- and then rebuild all ports that depend on openssl.  There are
> many different
> ways to do this -- you could use:
> pkgdb -L && portupgrade -fur openssl-*
> (The first command may not be necessary, but I find that the
> dependencies of some
> ports on openssl are sometimes missing from the pkgdb, and need to be
> added.)
> or
> portmaster -t -r openssl-*

I should mention that if you are switching from using the base openssl to using
the openssl from the port, and you intend to use portupgrade, then you
will definitely
need to to run pkgdb -L && pkgdb -F before running portupgrade,
because otherwise
no ports will be listed as being dependent upon the openssl port.

I'm not sure if portmaster will do this properly, as it uses the
existing /var/db/pkg in
many cases, which will not contain the correct dependency information.
You may need to
get a list of ports that USE_OPENSSL, and then update those ports and
the ports that
depend upon them.  For example, you could first install the openssl
port, and then use:

pkg_info -aoq | xargs -I % make -C /usr/ports/% -V USE_OPENSSL -V
PKGNAME | sed -n '/[yY][eE][sS]/{n;p;}' | xargs portmaster -t -r

or something like that.


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