Pre-compiled package shortage

David Karapetyan dkarapet at
Wed Jun 17 04:59:14 UTC 2009

Hello everyone. I am a former user of Freebsd-7.2 Release who migrated to 
Debian. I was unable to find an ftp server that had a decent enough list of 
precompiled packages (including the default at; for 
example, when installing gnome2 via precompiled packages, the package 
manager was unable to find a number of dependencies available in package 
form. True, I can compile them from source, but this is rather time 
consuming. Does anyone know of an ftp server dedicated to maintaining a 
comprehensive list of precompiled packages (a la Debian Testing)? In all 
other regards, I favor freebsd over Debian or any other linux distribution, 
and would like to return to using it.

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