Announcing: FreeBSD Custom XFCE ISO (take II)

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at
Tue Jun 16 20:04:51 UTC 2009

Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> Manolis Kiagias wrote:
> Hey all,
> This is a continuation of the effort that started with this post:
> This little project also found its way to Distrowatch Weekly news
> (Thanks!):
> > Congratulations!


> Since there was an update of the base system to 7.2-RELEASE-p1 a few
> days ago, it was a good chance to update this ISO and also include
> some newer packages.
> The new ISO may be downloaded from here (space and bandwidth courtesy
> of Glen Barber):
> > Are you updating the name with each new iso?

I've included the -p1 in this release. I haven't come up with a naming
scheme yet but will do when I decide the intervals between releases.

> I will start preparing a server ISO (CD sized) soon. I also welcome
> all ideas on what to include/exclude in later versions of this DVD.
> It has been suggested to include openoffice packages as abiword /
> gnumeric don't cut it for many people. This will increase the size of
> the download, although hopefully not dramatically as most dependencies
> are probably already included. I am all open to ideas, so please email
> me your suggestions and comments.
> > I would vote for including openoffice, it takes much longer to
> compile than to download, or maybe make the package and any
> dependencies that are not already included available as a separate
> tarball.

The tarball idea is good and probably most dependencies are already in
the iso, so it won't be huge. I'll investigate this, thanks!

> > Any chance of x11-wm/icewm and maybe x11/idesk? icewm with config option
> > BEASTIE :)

Probably create a "small WM collection CD" with the likes of wmaker,
afterstep, icewm, blackbox etc.  Need to find the more popular ones.

> > I've been between hardware for a while but I can offer some compile
> time  if needed.
> > Chris

Compiling is not a problem, I've got a separate system for it. But can
only do i386 releases - don't have suitable 64bit hardware. If you do,
mail me and we can arrange something.

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