Google groups

Alexander Best alexbestms at
Mon Jun 15 22:43:28 UTC 2009

i've changed the mailinglist settings from the mailman interface so i don't
receive and mails. i'd rather read the mails in my browser.

well i'm no huge fan of google. but their usenet interface is so much nicer
than the mailman interface (which looks so 1995). ;-) unfortunately google
seems to gather the mailinglist threads by websearches and not by producing a
mirror of the actual mailinglists. that's why there's lots of spam mails and
misc crap in the google usenet archives. just had a look at freebsd.questions
and it's really bad! :-(

Wojciech Puchar schrieb am 2009-06-14:
> >i've been using the mailman interface for a long time now to read
> >the various
> >freebsd mailinglists. recently i found out about Google groups
> >which are great

> isn't standard interface the simplest? you get it on your mailbox,
> and you use .procmailrc to put it into separate folder each mailing
> list. Or whatever you like.

> >and a lot better than the mailman interface imo. (no broken search,
> >etc.)

> >however a lot of mailinglists seem to be missing on google. what's
> >the reason

> Few years more and EVERYTHING will be on by google ;) All data about
> everything in single place.

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